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Xianda Textile Machinery

About Us

Wuxi Xianda Textile Machinery Factory is located close to the beautiful lake Taihu. With Shanghai- Nanjing express high way and No 312 state way at its west and one kilometer apart from the under- constructed Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway, it enjoys a convenient transportation. The company was established and put into operation in the year 1991 and then in year 2003, it invested and set up Wuxi Weike Machanic&Electro Processing Limited Company, to conduct the research, development and production of the textile machinery and precision plumbing.The company covers an area of 60000 square meters, has floor space of 35000 square meters, registered capital RMB10 million Yuan (equal to US$1.4 million), 258 employees, of which the technicians are college graduates, 8 senior engineers and 2 master degree graduates.

CNC High Speed Punch (Nisshinbo Japan)
CNC Bending Machine (Accur Canada)
CNC Laser Cutting Machine (TRUMPT.GERMANY)

Air Flow Control System of Air Jet Loom

Because of removing the traditional shuttle, the air-jet loom has the advantages of simple mechanism, high speed, low noise and vibration, low labor intensity, safe operation and high automation. Especially

Training materials for air-jet looms

The distance between the auxiliary nozzles is 65 mm/80 mm. When the crank is 180 degrees, the trachea will not bend, leak, hang or touch the chest beam.

"Blood" of Loom-Lubricating Oil

Lubricating oil is the blood of the loom. The normal operation of the loom is the premise of all efficiency and quality. The hanging workshop has been responsible for blowing, repairing and refueling.

Why does the "fire" of loom renovation not heat the nylon fabric market?

Nylon, also known as nylon, is a commonly used textile fiber. In terms of characteristics, nylon has good wear resistance, heat resistance, water absorption

Optimization of Warp Shaft Dyeing Process for Nylon Warp Knitted Fabric

Shaft dyeing machine is also called reel dyeing machine. It is a high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine composed of dyeing pressure kettle, hollow warp shaft full of small holes

What is yarn warp dyeing?

There are three kinds of yarn dyeing: skein dyeing, tube dyeing and warp axis dyeing. Among them, skein dyeing is more traditional, tube dyeing is more developed and warp axis dyeing is the latest.